3 Tips for a Healthy, Sustainable Home

Kitchen garden - Garden

Wellness and sustainability are two of today’s biggest buzzwords and when it comes to luxury real estate, they often go hand-in-hand. A healthy living space tends to be one that has little impact on the environment, which is good news for anyone who strives to embrace these two concepts. If you want a home that promotes wellness for you and your family without causing harm to the planet, here are several ways to make that a reality.

Organic Cleaning Products
The majority of cleaning products that we use in the home are full of harsh chemicals that are bad for people, pets and the environment. Aerosol spray cans, for example, are known to release harmful gasses into the atmosphere, but they can also introduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into your home. Detergents, dishwashing liquid and chlorine bleach are just a few other products that are commonly made with chemicals that take a toll on both your well-being and mother nature. That should be reason enough to opt for organic cleaning products throughout the house. Natural ingredients are just as effective at doing their job, yet far gentler on our planet and the people in your home.

Two Types of Ventilation
Proper ventilation is key to ensuring that your home has good indoor air quality and can also reduce your carbon footprint. For instance, a home that’s designed for natural ventilation will be comfortable without air conditioning during the warmer months, because the breeze passes through and ceiling fans keep the air circulating. Thoughtful landscape design might also include plenty of trees to keep the home in the shade, as well as absorb carbon in the atmosphere.

Nonetheless, sometimes you simply have to put the air conditioning on to be comfortable. These days, homes are designed to tightly seal the air inside and reduce the loss of heating or air conditioning, which is good for the environment but bad for your air quality, as it can become stale and stagnant. If that happens, you may want to consider installing a ventilation system that can bring fresh air into your home while sealing in the heat or air conditioning.

Vegetable Garden 
These days, it’s all too common for produce to be grown using pesticides that are bad for the environment and our health. By starting your own vegetable garden, you can ensure that your family is eating truly organic veggies that are free of all the toxic chemicals. Furthermore, you’re eliminating the need for fossil fuels to transport food from the farm to your table.