How to Get a Little Magic Out of Your Vacuum

Running the vacuum cleaner around your house seems like a pretty straightforward task, no?

Not according to cleaning experts. To really get a deep clean and an all-around fresher home, make sure you’re vacuuming the right way with the following hacks:

Freshen up. Carpets tend to trap odors, which may be a frequent occurrence if you have pets and/or small children. Let your vacuum do double duty as a deodorizer by first sprinkling the carpet with baking soda, then letting it sit for several hours (keep kids and pets away). This will allow the baking soda to absorb any odors. Then simply vacuum it up!

Use aromatherapy. Dip a cotton ball in your favorite essential oil, then pop it into your vacuum’s canister. This will diffuse the scent throughout your house as you vacuum.

Remove dents. If you want to rearrange your furniture, you’ll be left with dents in the carpet to contend with, left behind by the legs of the table or chair you’re moving. To undo a carpet dent, place an ice cube in the spot and let it melt. Soak up the water left behind, which will help the smushed carpet fibers expand, then vacuum the spot to lift the dent out.

Rescue jewelry. If you’ve dropped an earring back or ring on the floor—especially on a carpet—your vacuum can save the day. Simply place an old stocking over the nozzle of your vacuum, then secure it with a rubber band. Vacuum the area where you dropped your jewelry and it will cling to the stocking without getting sucked into the canister.