Halloween Safety Tips for Your Home

Halloween may be full of spooky fun, but this year, make sure that the scares are fake by keeping Halloween property safety on your mind. While you are busy decorating with ghosts and ghouls, be certain that you are keeping potential hazards at bay with these tips.

Make a Clear Path
Between a lack of natural light, ill-fitting masks and draping costumes, sugar-crazed children are poised to fall quite easily. This is especially true if there’s an obstacle in their way. Make sure that there is a clear-and-easy path for trick-or-treaters to follow to get to your door. Don’t forget that a child ready for candy may try to cross your lawn to get to the door quicker. Mark or fill any holes or hazards on the lawn, and make your front path as enticing as possible to avoid a tripping injury at your property.

Mitigate Fire Hazards
Candles and Halloween have always been synonymous. Between spooky candelabras to the glowing ghoulish faces of jack-o-lanterns, a flickering flame can add mysterious drama to your decor. However, with the multitude of flameless options, it is best to opt for an electronic version this season–especially if children will be frequenting your door. Keep your household extra safe by avoiding decorating in a way that can block exits. As always, avoid placing any flammable items (such as those spooky faux spider webs) next to furnaces or other hot objects.

Keep Your Pets Secure
For your safety and your pets’, keep animals secure during the festivities. Unusual masks and loud sounds can spook a normally docile dog into attacking, and in-and-outdoor cats may get lost or otherwise due to Halloween pranks. Some experts indicate black cats are particularly susceptible due to superstitious associations, but the evidence is up for debate. Regardless it can be best to be safe-rather-than sorry.

Keep your family ready for fun this Halloween, and ensure your home is protected in the process. With a little effort, it’s easy to ensure the scares are pretend ones this season.