Decor Trends Shaped by a Pandemic Era

Table - Couch

For many Americans, 15 months spent mostly at home has made it the center of our universe, and pandemic-driven needs have altered the way we see and use it. From paint colors to lighting, decorators say that at least six notable design trends have been shaped by how much time we’ve spent—and are still spending—within our own four walls.

Warm, Wild Colors – Neutral paint colors have given way to warmer and bolder hues, from old standards like coral, peach and yellow to bolder choices such as orange and brick red. The trend to warm colors reflects a growing desire to feel nurtured and protected at home. You can tryout new paint colors for your walls using the Sherwin-Williams ColorSnap® Visualizer.

Indoor Plants – More than ever, people are bringing the outdoors in, as evidence grows that greenery helps us to reduce stress and connect with nature while spending more time at home. If you’re looking to liven up your living space with some house plants, check out Schaefer’s Greenhouse.

Multi-Purpose Lighting – With more people sharing the same light sources, lighting has had to become more flexible and efficient. Dining rooms, for example, which have been doing double duty as office space, have seen overhead fixtures become more functional light sources. No one knows lighting quite like Light Source Lighting.

Durable Fabrics – As they have been getting more daily use than ever, some upholstery fabrics have been showing wear and are being replaced by microfiber and tightly-woven cotton fabrics that stand up well to dirt, dust and liquids. Check out Ethan Allen’s high performance fabrics.

Plaids – Cheery plaids have been making a comeback, especially small-scale plaids in high-intensity colors, which are showing up more often now in table linens, bedroom decor and upholstery.

Bidets – A growing desire to be cleaner and germ-free—strengthened by the short-term hoarding of toilet paper—has brought the European tradition of bathroom bidets to more American homes. Bidet vendors here have seen as much as a ten-fold interest in their product over the past year.