Are you an experienced Real Estate Agent? Are you tired of desk fees, franchise fees, and/or transaction fees? Are you looking to reach the next tier of business success? Or, are you a new agent looking to make a splash in the market?

Pilmer Real Estate Agent Testimonials:


“Pilmer Real Estate is dedicated to providing you with the support and training necessary to ensure your success representing buyers and sellers in today’s Real Estate Market.”


“Pilmer Real Estate offers superior administrative assistance with none of those “extra desk fees”.”


“As a Broker at Pilmer Real Estate you are a valued member of the Pilmer Real Estate family.  Every member is there for you providing guidance and support and to celebrate your successes.”


“Pilmer Real Estate is a family-owned business and embodies the family atmosphere.”


“If you are looking for a Real Estate Brokerage where you are valued and supported, then Pilmer Real Estate is where you want to be.”


“It’s the team approach at Pilmer Real Estate that gives me and other brokers the tools, knowledge, and enthusiastic support we need to make great things happen for buyers and sellers.”


“The work environment, at every level, supports and values its brokers.”


“If you want to learn from the ‘best in the business,’ Pilmer Real Estate offers that.”

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