A Homeowners Guide to Spring-Cleaning

By Haley Kieser

It’s right around this time of year that homeowner’s take on the task of deep cleaning their homes. Use this guide to start making a checklist of this spring’s priorities.


Before you dive headfirst into deep cleaning your home, it’s important to take careful inventory of your belongings and declutter. Go through each room and discard any thing broken or worn out. Go green; send less waste to the landfill and repair and recycle whenever possible. Any gently used clothing, furniture, appliances, and housewares that you no longer want can be easily donated. If you are having trouble deciding on some items, put them in a box and store them away for a month. This can help you determine how you feel about these objects over time. You may even forget about them, which means you can feel secure in letting them go!


While vacuuming your carpets and rugs is a fairly routine chore, other parts of your house don’t get the same kind of consistent attention. Use the attachment pieces on your vacuum to rid your vents, furniture, closet corners, windowsills, window screens, baseboards, mattresses, and any other hard to reach areas of dust and build up. Don’t forget to check behind the fridge!

Replace Filters

Replacing filters not only increases the efficiency of your ventilation systems, it’s also an essential habit for a healthy home. Make sure you replace the filters on your heating and cooling systems, as well as your kitchen hood vent. These should be checked every three months! Similarly, you should clean and refresh faucet aerators and shower-heads, especially if you’re in an area with hard water deposits. The build up is a perfect place for bacteria to flourish if not maintained consistently!

Cabinets, Walls, and Backsplash

Over time, the cabinets, walls, and backsplash in your kitchen will develop a layer of build up from cooking and everyday activity. Use regular dish soap to help break down the grease and stains to make your kitchen look good as new!

Windows and Mirrors

Use an all-natural window or glass cleaner to buff up both your windows and your mirrors. Be sure to do both sides of the glass – inside and out. This is a chore best done on a cooler, cloudy day so that the cleaner doesn’t dry before you’ve had a chance to wipe them off and leave marks. If you’re uncomfortable on a tall ladder, clean the windows you can reach and have a professional window cleaning service take care of the rest. [Ask us about our preferred vendors!]


Give your appliances a little love! Scrub your refrigerator exterior until it shines, and then dive into the interior drawers and shelves. Make sure to throw away any expired food and old condiments for a refreshed dining experience. Next, use vinegar and baking soda to freshen up your washing machine. Over time, build up in your machine can cause mildew, which could ruin your laundry in a heartbeat! Similarly, treat your dishwasher with dishwasher cleaner to remove any bacteria-harboring build up.

Carpets and Area Rugs

Take extra time with your carpets and rugs. Be sure to thoroughly vacuum each room, including the cracks along the base of each wall. Spot treat any stains, and steam clean! There are local services that will come and do this for you, or you can rent steamer from your local super store if you’re on a budget. [Ask us about our preferred vendors!]

Bookshelves and Knickknacks

Lastly, take the time to dust and reorganize any bookshelves, antique displays, photographs, and knickknacks. Take out each individual item, wipe it down, and empty and dust the shelves completely before returning objects to their spots. You can organize bookshelves alphabetically by author or title, or by subject. If you have a large shelf with an aesthetic feel, you can organize the spines by color to add extra flair to the room. Remove any framed photographs or artwork from the walls and dust off frames before replacing them. Remember, part of spring cleaning is to clear out any unwanted items, so be sure you want to keep everything before returning it to its place in your home!

If you’re looking to sell your home this spring, get in touch to see what other ways you can spruce up your home for the competitive spring market!