6 Things Interior Designers Say It’s Time to Toss

Times change, and in a busy world with packed schedules, most of us don’t spend much time looking at ways to modernize our living spaces. But it doesn’t take much effort to make a few upgrades that create a fresh, new look.

Interior designers suggest these six things to switch out and update to enhance your home’s ambience.

Matching sofa pillows – Pillows that match your sofa, including any that came with it, can dull the look of your living room. Designers suggest playing with color, texture, fabric and design, choosing pillows that add liveliness and interest.

Harsh white light bulbs – Replacing the cool whites in your floor and table lamps with soft, warm white bulbs can instantly add the warmth of candlelight or a fireplace to your room.

Sun-blocking drapes – Natural light brightens a room and makes it look larger, designers note, so it’s time to get rid of window treatments that block sunlight. Replacing heavy window treatments with sheers is an option. If you need more privacy, layer different window treatments, like curtains over sheers, to help manage light and privacy.

Stained wood accent walls – Once considered stylish, those dark wood accent walls and dining room chair rails above a paneled wall now just make a room look dark and heavy. Lighten up the space and create a decorative focal point by using pieces like art, mirrors and even plants.

Builder-grade tile and backsplashes – Those basic white or beige tiles typically used by builders for backsplashes, showers and tubs are totally lacking in personality, designers note. Replacing them with materials in different colors or designs are a sure way to update and add interest to kitchens and baths.

TV above the fireplace – Once a popular option, many designers today consider this a design no-no today, pointing out that a fireplace should be the focal point of a room, encouraging sociability and the enjoyment of a moment by the fire without the distraction of a screen.