5 Reasons Aurora, IL is a Great Place to Move

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By Haley Kieser

Whatever your reason for moving–a growing family, a need for a change in scenery–Aurora, Illinois has something everyone will love. As the second the largest city in Illinois and a stone throw away from Chicago, here lives a rich history, beautiful architecture, and a thriving job market.

Fun fact: this city is also known as the “City of Lights” because it was the first place to illuminate its streets with electric lights in the U.S.


You’ll find this, plus many more charming reasons are what makes this city the perfect place to call home. Here are just five to note.

1. Exploding with culture

Located just 40 miles west of the greater Chicago metropolitan area, Aurora is overflowing with cultural significance and fun things to do. The city is known for notable architectural landmarks and historical sites, such as The Keystone Building, Healy Chapel, and the Old Second National Bank, all designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The Paramount Theater, located in downtown Aurora, was even recently added to the National Register of Historic Places. In addition to great architecture and history, there are plenty of family-friendly places to enjoy like the Phillips Park and Zoo and the Aurora Regional Fire Museum. Downtown Aurora is bustling with delicious restaurants and bars, as well as an annual festival called Downtown Alive, which features live music and food booths. Blues on the Fox and the AuroraArtWalk are other festivals that happen throughout the year, providing a place for local musicians and artists alike to showcase their work, and for the residents to enjoy.

2. Above average household income

The cost of living in Aurora is considered on par with the rest of Illinois and the rest of the country’s average. Housing is the biggest factor in the cost of living difference, as the median income for a household is $63,967, according to Data USA, which is more than the median annual income in the U.S. This being said, majority of Aurora’s residents are considered middle class with only 14% falling below the poverty line.

3. Great neighborhoods

The city of Aurora is divided into three main sections–the West Side, the East Side, and Fox Valley, also known as the Far East Side. The Fox River naturally divides these areas, and despite its name, Fox Valley is actually located the farthest from the river. The West Side is considered more upper-class, while the East Side is more blue-collar. Fox Valley is considered more undeveloped compared to the other two areas, so you’ll want to keep this in mind when picking out a new home.

4. Plenty of employment opportunities

Aurora has a long manufacturing history, home to companies such as the Aurora Brewing Company, Caterpillar Inc., National Metalwares, the Chicago Corset Company, plus many more. The Hollywood Casino also drives much of the job market, providing tourism for the city and features memorabilia from several famous movies. The most common employment sectors include administration, support, and waste management services, manufacturing, and wholesale trade. Over the last year, the job market has increased by 1.5% and is expected to grow to be 37.4% over the next ten years. Meaning, there are jobs to be taken by newcomers moving in!

5. Residents are highly educated

Aurora is home to great schools at all levels. And even better, the education level of the city’s residents are substantially higher than a typical U.S. community–over 30% of adults in Aurora have at least a bachelor’s degree. At the highest level of education, there is the Aurora University, and the Regency Beauty Institute-Aurora. The DuPage County and Kane County school systems serve as the school district and contain a total of 46 public schools. These counties are split by the Fox River, so your child’s education depends on if you live in the East or West. Both sides are solid options, however, the city also has 22 private schools. For students wishing to specialize in math and science, there is the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy for students in grades 10 through 12.

Before you move, know the rules

It’s important to note that Aurora is very strict about enforcing various rules and regulations in regard to all moving services. It’s required that all moving companies present a certificate of liability insurance to the building management before they start unloading. This is to ensure that if any property damage occurs, the building manager can be sure the moving company will cover it. This certificate is free and easy to obtain from the moving company you use. Also, if you plan to move into an apartment, be sure to book the elevator well in advance. Moving into the downtown area will also involve parking permits so your truck won’t get a ticket.

Still looking for a house?

If you haven’t found a place to call home just yet and need some guidance, we’d love to partake in your home search. Relocating from out of state? Let us work together to identify where you best fit in Aurora – we can’t wait to welcome you!